Magali to the Sea

by Rick Waines

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Almost twenty years ago I had an encounter with a woman that changed my life. She was sick. So was her son. She was showing him the world before he/she/they died. I never saw her again so I will never know how it ended for them, or if it did. Either way, she taught me a lot about what it means to live. Her story bubbles up in me from time to time. This is it's latest incarnation.


released November 1, 2011

Rick Waines, Aaron Clark, Jasmin Parkin, Molly Guldemond



all rights reserved


Rick Waines Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Reggie and June
Reggie and June, glued stars to each other’s thighs, constructing new constellations. Reggie and June, spent many nights awake late, re-applying these new formations.
And the tacky tikki torch lit up young lovers’ home-made horror scopes.
Deep space explorations tuka too yuuk tooook.
Moonlight conjugations
The grammar of constellations tuka too yuuk tooook
The language of procreation
Reggie and June, spent most of July, between Aphrodite’s august thighs.
’Til Reggie and June, learned to syncopate sighs, and dream of the night their childhood would die.
And the tacky tikki torch lit up young lovers racing towards their ancient and limbic hopes.
And now it’s twenty past three and there’s four naked knees, the room is alight. And I think you’ll agree that with four naked knees our young lovers are in for a fright. And the tacky tikki torch lit up young lovers’ knock-kneed and clumsy gropes.
And now it’s three twenty five and their eyes will collide on this merry-go-round and go round and go round and go round and go round. And at three twenty six Reggie wished he’d been warned that his merry-go-round could come unwound.
And the ticky tocky spring sprang loose which was a distinct and unpleasant awakening for June.
Track Name: Perfect Impossible
Eyebrows, lips, perfect impossible. Toenails, ribs, perfect impossible.
Shinbones, hips and finger tips, perfect impossible.
And she cried and she cried ’til the river did rise. And she cried and she cried cross her cheeks off her shoulders.
And she cried and she cried cross her hips and her thighs. And she cried and she cried ’til the levee, it spilt over.
Imperfect past, abstract future, perfect present perfect present.
Imperfect past, abstract future, perfect present perfect present prefect present perfect present.
This child's weight, perfect impossible. Cut loose the braid that binds, perfect impossible. These documents I must sign, mine this fragile mind, perfect impossible.
New parents take, my perfect impossible. These breasts they will ache, perfect impossible. Each morning I wake, the pills sedate, perfect impossible.
How will they tame her? Begin to claim her? Nurture and gain her affections.
What will they name her, what will they name her, what will they name her, what will they?
Track Name: Marks
There were marks, they did not see. In the daylight, beneath the lamplight.
There were marks inside of me, tracing fault lines, fissures and track lines
Marks inside of me.
There were things I could not feel. This skin is stretched tight numb and unable to conceal, blackbirds and eels. Pointed beak strikes, needle teeth bite
Deep inside of me
And out flew the blackbird, up swam the eel
And out flew the blackbird, up swam the eel
Needle pulling red, with this needle we are wed you and I
Needle pulling red, with this needle we are wed you and I
There were things I could not see. Eyelids as blindfolds, shut tight and forced to grow like weeds, beneath the trees.
Greedy and upright, shadows cast by night lights. Things I couldn't see.
There were things they could not touch. Locked down deep within, hidden beneath translucent skin, wing tips and fins. The bits and pieces, not torn to pieces. Pieces from within.
Track Name: The Man Who Raised Me
The man who raised me used his hands. He was a builder and a castle for me he did build. A monument of love to me, built with stone and chisel, while I grew up like a thistle.
Thorns grown by streetlight blooming at night. Cut down to size by men I recognize by the look in their eyes.
The woman who raised me used her hands. Her husband’s handmaid, she taught me how to hold my tongue, while parts of me were chipped away, ’til I bore resemblance little former semblance.
This pool of light I'm drowning in choked with lifeguards’ warnings.
While men in lifeboats circle me offering assistance, needy and insistent.
This is a gross exaggeration adopted child's drug-addled imagination.
We've come to treat her as our own and we've come to take her home, her loving home, she's coming home.
Raise the drawbridge, fill the moat. Pulled in from the streetlights, tucked in bed with sheets pulled tight. Abated here within the fold, familiar secrets clutter up this empty home.
Thorns lit by streetlight grown here by night light.
Skin is razed, hands raised, light this stone house ablaze.
The man who raised me used his hands.
Track Name: Magali
Magali, built her boat by the river and... Magali, built it straight through the winter and plans, they were drawn twixt the dusk and the dawn while the warden, wife and acolyte fellate by candlelight while Magali’s might rose this moonlit night.
Tonight I will rale, against this knotted tale. Untangle my thoughts bound and distraught. The first thing that I must do up Conrad’s creek with you is chew through these handmaid cords built by this man made —
Magali to the sea in a boat on this river with
Magali to the sea in a boat on this river with
Float cross the floor, towards the door. Carve paddles and oars, from cupboards and drawers. Tear bed sheets into sails. Prepare to face the gale.
Keel haul Jessie Helms. Tie night lights to the —
The levee was bare as I ran rapid stairs. The banister rails sang a sinister scale.
Like children's bicycle spokes, these spindles struck out notes.
Heard by the warden’s wife. Teeth clench round wardens —
The warden tried to withdraw from his wife's tightened jaw, but it was too late as Magali sailed past the gate. Alarm bells were raised late as the warden was served his fate. And so ended his John Irving date and the warden was cast —
Child, mother and child, mother and child, mother and child
Magali, to the sea, Magali, to the sea, Magali,
À la mer,
Track Name: A La Mer
And she sailed away, cross the fields fallow days went the leagues were spent
between the sea and Magali. And her belly did rise as the moon bid the tide to reach upstream from the sea to Magali
This river began with June and her man, with June and her man
And continued downstream, drowned years in between and flood
Magali's dreams with blackbirds eels and last words, like
Healing, falling, bleeding. Seeding, believing, crops failing.
Loving, breathing, and drowning, and drowning, and drowning.
À la mer. À ma mère.
And her boat reached the bay, and her belly did sway, breach, like waves across this beach, and to the sea gave Magali. And the blackbird was born, in a gathering storm, which summoned the eel and its electric field, and lit the sea for Magali.
À la mer. À ma mère. À la mer. À ma mère. À la mer. A ma mere